Family house Crovátsky Grob Jazdecká


Family house Crovátsky Grob Jazdecká

House near nature

The house is located on a spacious lot in a part of the village intended for less dense construction. At the end of the street in the immediate vicinity of nature there is a place that suited an elderly married couple to fulfill their dreams of undisturbed living.

A spacious house with its own garden

The building uses a dimensional plot for a generous spatial solution. The living space and bedrooms are oriented towards the own garden, visually continuing with the golf course. The increased height in the living room hierarchizes the space and makes the connection between the interior and exterior stand out. Most of the action in the house takes place on the ground floor. However, the house also has a second floor for a separate, quiet living area.

House in the park

Massically, the building is designed with simple unobtrusive rectangular volumes in harmonious earthy tones. The house forms a barrier from the street so that the front yard does not have to be separated from the street by a fence. The building gives the impression as if it were placed in a park.

Energy efficient

The construction solution pays attention to passive methods of saving and using energy. Thick walls of perimeter constructions accumulate heat in themselves in winter and, on the contrary, prevent heat from penetrating into the house in summer. They balance the differences between night and day temperature, which saves operating costs and allows maintaining a stable climate inside the house. Technologically, the building is equipped with an ecological source of heat and cold.