How much does a project from an architect cost?

How much does a project from an architect cost?

How much do the services of an architect cost? And what about the value and content of this prize? This is a frequent question of future investors at the beginning of the project.

First of all, you need to determine the scope of services you require from the architect. On the one hand, it can only be a consulting activity charged at an hourly rate, but on the other hand, it can be a comprehensive service that will take you from conceptual studies through the project and the preparation of the necessary permits, to the selection of a construction contractor and the supervision of implementation.

The price for an architect's services depends on his experience and at the same time on the difficulty of the task itself, therefore there is no simple and accurate key to determine the price of an architect's services, many architects have their own price lists, which are but only indicative, to establish an initial idea of ​​the price for their services.

The page or price list of the Czech Chamber of Architects, where it is possible to calculate an online budget for projects based on the estimated costs of future construction according to the methodology of the Slovak Chamber of Architects. Here, however, it is very important to correctly estimate the future investment costs for the building, which of course a good architect can help you with during the initial initial consultation.

Since the work of an architect is a very specific activity, which is based on a specific task (land, site program, specific requirements of the investor...etc...), the price of the services is determined by the content and scope delivered works, it is therefore very difficult to generalize the price for these services, on the other hand, an experienced architect can specify the scope of the necessary works and their price estimate during the initial consultation.

In most cases, the price offer from the architect is structured in several stages:

1. provision of documents

Mainly it concerns the focus of the existing real estate, or in specific cases the necessary surveys often required during the reconstruction of existing buildings, at the same time it is necessary to obtain spatial planning information about the proposed location

2. architectural study

It is a process whose result is the materialization of the client's intention into a specific material-spatial form. It gives the client an idea of ​​a possible concrete urban, architectural-artistic, layout-operational, interior, structural and material solution of the future building, as well as its basic economic parameters. It serves as a basis for further strategic decision-making by the client and for preliminary negotiations with interested authorities and other persons, possibly with partners.

3. projects

The content of this stage is based on the assignment and the resulting architectural study. According to the scope and difficulty, the project can be divided into several stages: project for zoning decision, project for building permit, tender documentation, implementation project, workshop documentation. An experienced architect should be able to give you information about the necessary scope of documentation already within the initial discussions within the study.

4. engineering

The content of which is activities aimed at securing the documents for the project and works connected with the issuance of the necessary permits for the construction and subsequent approval after construction.

5. supervision of implementation

Architect I can help you with the selection of the construction contractor and its parts. It ensures the author's supervision on the construction site, during which we check the compliance of the implementation with the project and advise on the technical procedure. It is implemented in the form of regular participation in control days and is awarded in the form of an hourly wage.

6. interior

If requested, the architect can complete the implementation documentation into a detailed interior project, which will include a detailed treatment of surfaces, atypical interior elements (kitchen, built-in wardrobes, etc.) and selection of furniture pieces , lamps, surfaces and materials.

Investing in a quality architect can be beneficial for various reasons. Architects bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the design and construction process, ensuring the project runs smoothly. At the same time, they can help save money and time by providing cost-effectively designed solutions to complex problems. Finally, architects can provide invaluable expertise in the effective selection of materials, technologies and construction methods.

In my opinion, I recommend that you initially contact an architect and go over your assignment with him during a free consultation. An experienced architect can give you valuable advice during the first consultation to realize your plan. And when you realize that the price for a custom-made design and complete service during the entire project and construction period, together with the provision of the necessary permits, ranges from 6 to 12% of the total construction costs, it is the best invested money for the evaluation of your future real estate.

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