Civic facilities


Urban planning and architectural design competition for the new premises of Magna Energia, Piešťany

We designed the proposal so that the height of the buildings does not exceed two floors. Thanks to this buildings do not stick out against the surrounding development from an urban point of view. The hopping of floors and the connection of the yard allows the placement of terraces and living spaces with various degrees of privacy, including greenery.
The exterior area of ​​the yard and the surroundings of the villa is a tray on which objects are served for people who perceive the environment while staying in the area or passing by. The removal of the fence and the direct connection of the sidewalk with the areawill enable this perception even when moving quickly by car or public transport, when the original villa will act like a statue on a tray and will become an orientation element of the street. The area is uniformly designed with divided concrete areas with embedded greenery. Water absorption is realized in the gaps between the elements and by using drainage concrete.

Traffic displaced from the area

Transportation. Car traffic is displaced from the area and is limited to access from Urbánková street to semi-recessed parking spaces, with the possibility of occasional supply access from Bratislavská street. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is possible from both streets and between streets through the campus. Parking spaces for bicycles are part of the square. The extended fence-free zone to Bratislavská street sucks pedestrians inside.

Greenery in the area. The solution considers green roofs and terraces of new buildings. The square and the space to Bratislavská street are greened with mature trees. Greenery should prevent heat accumulation and overheating of buildings and areas in the campus in the summer months. After a static assessment of the villa object, it is possible to place some form of greenery on the roof of this building as well. The temporary pedestrian communication through the area is lined with a green wall covering the buildings of the adjacent plot. The amount of greenery is supposed to evoke a stay in a city park.

Environmentally sensitive technical and operational solution

The created environment enables an environmentally sensitive technical and operational solution. Photovoltaic panels, green shading and rainwater management can be deployed in the fight for ecological sustainability of the environment.

Variability of use. In the heart of the complex is a multifunctional space with a connection to the square-park. This space can be connected according to the requirement with different parts of the whole and enable new ways of enjoying urban life.
In normal mode, the multifunctional space can serve as a zone for employees and their children, for spending time waiting or for informal meetings. After the replacement of the furniture stored in the temporary warehouse, a training room will be created for the needs of Magna or another interested party. The multifunctional space canserve as part of the opening in the gallery, host clubs for children, employees and people from the surrounding housing estates.
After connecting with the dining room, its own buffet and social facilities, it is possible to use the space for various urban events, mini-concerts, cultural events and events.
The inner space connected with the outer space of the square occasionally enlivens the functioning of the area during the summer months.