Strakonice Operating Centre

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Strakonice Operating Centre

Proposal for Strakonice Operating Centre

Modern Center for Povodi Vltavy

The overall concept of the proposal is based on the responsibility of the builder and future users of the building towards the environment, considering the impacts on existing ecosystems and striving for sustainable building in the long term. Even at the cost of higher initial costs. The building can aspire to gain energy certification (BREEM, LEED, etc.) with the right design and implementation solution. The proposal tries to solve the problem of extensive concrete exteriors and their negative impact on the surrounding ecosystems by using a "green roof" cover. This solution could eliminate local overheating of the environment, contamination of rainwater by the machinery park, as well as disruption of the environment biodiversity.

Efficient proposal

The main building with the need to adjust the environment (heat, cold, sound) has a simple geometric shape close to the cube. Such a shape is optimal in terms of the cost of initial costs (eg smaller façade area), but also operating costs, such as heating and cooling costs. Within the design, we count on the use of building materials that can be recycled if necessary.