What is the price of a family house?

What is the price of a family house?

Building a family home is the dream of many people who want to have their own home according to their ideas and needs. But how much does it actually cost to build a custom-built family house and what is the total cost of building a family home? And what can be saved on during construction? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and advise you on how to estimate the cost of building a family house in 2023.

The price of building a family house depends on many factors, such as size, shape, materials, equipment, location, terrain and method of implementation. It is not possible to say the exact amount that you will pay for your house, but based on certain simplifications, the price per m2 of the construction of a family house can be estimated relatively responsibly.

According to some sources, the price of building a custom-built family house is currently in the range of €1600-2200 per m2 of usable area. This means that if you want to build a house of 100 m2, you will need approximately €160,000-220,000. Of course, this price is only indicative and may vary according to the specific project and conditions.

It should be remembered that the price of a family home does not increase linearly with its size. A smaller house will cost you more per 1 m2 than a larger house. This is due to the fact that some costs are the same for both a small and a large house (for example, kitchen, bathroom, plumbing), while other costs are proportional to the area (for example, insulation, roof). Therefore, it is better to build a house of reasonable size according to your actual needs.

Where can you save?

If you want to save money when building a family home, you have several options. One of them is self-help construction, where you do some work yourself or with the help of friends. According to some estimates, 10-20% of the price of a custom-built family house can be saved this way. Of course, this solution requires enough time, skills and experience with various construction activities, therefore we would recommend this option only to really experienced clients who already have experience in the realization of family houses, otherwise it can very easily happen that the construction of your house will be disproportionately prolonged and even more expensive.

Another option is to optimize the family house project so that it is as simple and efficient as possible. This means minimizing the number and size of openings in the walls and roof, using simple shapes and materials, choosing high-quality and economical equipment and installations. During this step, it is a good idea to consult an expert who will help you find the optimal solution for your home.

Another option is to use various subsidies and loans for the construction of a family home offered by the state, banks or other institutions. For example, you can get a subsidy to insulate the house, to install renewable energy sources or to improve the energy efficiency of the house. These measures will not only reduce your initial construction costs, but also the future operating costs of housing.

On the contrary, there are also some factors that can increase the price of a family home even more. These include, for example, sloping terrain, which requires a more complicated and expensive foundation and drainage solution. Another factor is the high standard of equipment and materials, which can be manifested, for example, in the use of expensive tiles, floors, ambulances, furniture or technology. Also, the price of a family house can be affected by the current situation on the market for materials and labor, which can change according to demand and supply.

What should not be forgotten when planning and pricing a family home?

When planning and pricing a family house, it is important to take into account not only the price of building a custom-built family house, but also other costs related to the preparation and implementation of the project. These include, for example:

  • plot price: If you do not yet have your own plot on which you want to build, you will also have to include its price in the overall budget. The price of the plot depends on its size, location, accessibility, zoning plan and other factors. When choosing a plot, it is also important to find out whether it is suitable for building a family house, whether it has the necessary utility networks and whether it is not burdened by any legal defects or restrictions.
  • Project price: In order to get a building permit and build a house according to your wishes, you will need a high-quality house project. The price of the project depends on its scope, complexity, type and size of the house. The price of a custom-made project, together with the equipment of all permits, is around 10% of the construction costs, which means that the price of a quality project for a family house with an area of ​​around 150 m2 can cost you around €25,000. but it is worth noting that saving on a project is probably the worst way to save, and a high-quality project can save you a lot of subsequent finances and stress in the next stages.
  • Price of additional works: In addition to the price of building a custom-built family house, you will also have to include the price of additional works that are not included in the price of the construction company. These include, for example, connections to utility networks (electricity, water, gas, sewage), landscaping and the surroundings of the house (exterior paving, fences, greenery), interior equipment (furniture, appliances, decorations) and the like. The price of these works may vary according to your requirements and preferences.


When planning and pricing a family home, it is necessary to have an overview of all costs related to the preparation and implementation of the project. In addition to the price of building a custom-built family house, which ranges from €1,600 to €2,200 per m2 of usable area, the price of the land, the project, administrative fees and additional work must also be taken into account. These costs may vary according to the specific case and conditions. That's why it's a good idea to make a detailed budget in advance and compare different offers and options. If you have any further questions or need help with planning and pricing your family home, do not hesitate to contact us for an initial consultation. We will be happy to help you!

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